Training Schemes


Training awards are divided into two categories. These categories are ‘Scheme A’ and ‘Scheme B.’ Potential applicants may pursue either local or overseas training under both schemes.

Eligibility Requirement for ‘SCHEME A’

Under this scheme, a trainee may pursue studies at both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. This scheme caters for the following categories of Guyanese:

  • a) Guyanese who have not been employed in the Public Service.
  • b) Guyanese who have been continuously employed for a period of less than five (5) years.

Eligibility Requirement for ‘SCHEME B’

This scheme caters for Guyanese who have been employed in the Public Service for a period of five (5) continuous years or more prior to the award. Potential applicants under this scheme may pursue the following types of training:

  • a) Undergraduate.
  • b) Postgraduate.
  • c) Short Term (up to twelve (12) weeks duration.

For further information view the Training and Development Handbook in the Resources section.