Mission and Responsibilities

    Mission Statement

    To assist Ministries, Departments and Regional Administrations in the efficient and effective development and utilisation of their Human Resources, so as to implement Government policies.

    Our Responsibilities

  1. The development, formulation, coordination and implementation of policy for planning, managing, monitoring and evaluating training and development activities in the Public Service.
  2. The planning, monitoring, evaluating and advising on staff development activities across the public service.
  3. The supporting of the process of developing training policies and strategies by providing information and advice to senior management and to the training and development committees.
  4. The administration of all awards and scholarships funded by the Government of Guyana and Donor Agencies. (Undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses)
  5. The advising on the effective utilisation of the scholarship awards and ensuring that the awards reflect policy and sectorial priorities.
  6. The continuous appraisal of training programmes against training requirements.
  7. The long-term forecasting of and planning for future training needs relevant to the development of Guyana.
  8. The provision of functional advice and guidance to Ministerial / Departmental trainers and promoting and stimulating interest in training and development at all levels.
  9. The provision of adequate library services for the Public Sector.