Applicants who submitted applications for Government of Guyana University of Guyana Scholarship and are awaiting the Letter of Acceptance are advised to submit this document via the Department of Public Service’s Scholarship website or to the Department of Public Service, as soon as it becomes available.

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Why A Scholarship?

There are many benefits to having a scholarship. These are just a few:

• All of the beneficiaries of fully funded Government of Guyana scholarship receive full tuition and allowances (books, outfit, travelling) and compensation for any other cost associated with the programme.

• All beneficiaries of donor funded scholarships receive full /partial tuition, allowances and accommodation, depending on the type of scholarships and benefits.

• Job security – graduates are bounded by contract and are guaranteed a job within the public sector after completing their studies.

• Graduates are guaranteed a job within the public sector after completing their studies.

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Students Voice

  • Being a scholarship student has been one of the most extraordinary moments of my life, thus far. I am forever grateful of the opportunity to pursue a Degree in Economics at the University of Guyana.

    Rehanna Daniels

    Scholarship Recipient
  • To whom much is given, much is required or expected. This is the phrase I took inspiration from when I first learnt that my application for a fully funded Chinese Government scholarship was successful. The experience has greatly impacted my understanding of our world, as I came into contact with people from all over the world.

    Tanza Mc Almont

    Scholarship Recipient
  • Some of the main benefits of studying overseas are one’s exposure to global perspectives and situations, which widens one’s perception and the opportunity to foster international networks with experts.

    Raja Gokhul

    Scholarship Recipient
  • Thanks to the Government of Guyana, my dream is becoming a reality. It is a unique opportunity to be studying at the Masters’ level in the United Kingdom because I am surrounded among international students with different experiences and Cultures.

    Godfrey Bess

    Scholarship Recipient
  • This scholarship has been very beneficial to me as a result of this, I am able to focus more on my studies and therefore, perform optimally here at the University of the West Indies

    Elisa Hamilton

    Scholarship Recipient